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Committee member

Dr. Ewen Mullins

Teagasc, Oak Park

Teagasc, Crops Research Centre, Oak Park, Carlow. R93 XE12

+353 (0)599170298

Dr. Ewen Mullins

Head of Crop Science Department, Teagasc

Research Interests

Investigating the efficacy of innovative technologies (e.g. specifically in the area of breeding techniques, disease diagnostics and surveillance) to support sustainable crop management practises, with a particular emphasis on reducing chemical inputs to offset pest/disease incidence.
Current Projects

Delivering the potential of EMT - A novel gene transfer platform for crop biotechnology
Breeding of wheat in order to enhance yield and disease resistance – mutation of the BRI1 brassinosteroid receptor gene (WheatENHANCE; DAFM – RSF funded)
Assessing and monitoring the impacts of GM crops on agro-ecosystems, (AMIGA; EU 7th Framework)
Training in Innovative and Integrative Control of Cereal Diseases (CerealPath; H2020 Marie Curie ITN)
Virtual Irish Centre for Crop Improvement (VICCI; DAFM – RSF funded)
Development of biosensors for detection of viral and fungal crop pathogens (SCOPE; DAFM – RSF funded)
Genetic Resistance Against Septoria (GSAS, H2020 Marie Curie IF)


1992 - 1996, PhD, University College Cork
1986 - 1992, B.Sc, NUI Maynooth

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